Simplifying smart metering infrastructure, using sub-metering approach

Even the giant utility distribution companies find smart metering deployment huge, complex, and highly capital intensive. We are now making smart meter affordable to landlords, property managers and sub-metering companies.

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Doesn’t matter the unit for as long as they are more than 2, we can help you install smart meters to allocate share values.

Company Overview

iFormit Solutions Inc. is a utility management company focusing specifically on cost-effective smart metering deployment, even to the smallest unit of an apartment building. Aimed at providing a solution that gives return on investment, accountability and provides useful information to utility distribution companies, property management companies, Landlords, and their customers via a customized user-friendly, and engaging platform. Utilities such as electricity, water and gas are the most consumed in the world, they are in-fact what we need to survive our daily lives.

What We Do


converts a non-AMR meter to an AMR Meter.


enables electricity consumers track electricity usage in real-time to make informed energy decisions.


Software as a Service for electricity distribution companies to connect remotely to consumer meters for energy management.

How we do it differently

Smart and Easy way to deploy advanced metering infrastructure AMI, without having to deploy an expensive and time-intensive network of new AMI meters.

Our solution allows our customers to use one universal protocol for easy communication.

Our business model is a full-service partnership, to deploy our solution as Software & Hardware as a Service with 24-7support services.

iFormit’s revenue will be based on providing excellent customer service and minimizing downtime.

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