About Us

iFormit Solutions Inc. is a utility management company focusing specifically on cost-effective smart metering deployment, even to the smallest unit of an apartment building. Aimed at providing a solution that gives return on investment, accountability and provides useful information to utility distribution companies, property management companies, Landlords, and their customers via a customized user-friendly, and engaging platform. Utilities such as electricity, water and gas are the most consumed in the world, they are in-fact what we need to survive our daily lives. Energy efficiency systems can further create increment in property values, facilitate resale, and boost rental occupancy rates. Our systems are cost-effective to set up and guarantee rapid return on investment. Our technology is designed for reliable, accurate metering and monitoring of energy consumption. When it comes to commercial buildings, installing an effective WEGH (Water-hot-cold, Electricity, Gas, Heating) the metering systems can be a source of substantial energy and cost savings.

Since 2013 iFormit have been studying and researching into the underlying problems of persisting accountability dispute between the utility companies, rental apartments and their customers to come up with a robust solution not only providing the solutions and also form a long-lasting partnership with our customers and their customers.

The aim is to established convincing accountable utility data analysis between the service company and their consumers. iFormit will use a Software as a Service (SaaS) business model to enable the utility companies to use IMID-Connector hardware effectively and will also offer a mobile app for their customers to track their electricity usage in real-time.

It is a strategic move to let utility companies see great value in reducing the cost of meter reading, improving responsiveness to power interruptions, eliminate energy theft and electrical equipment vandalization. Our business model and solution is an effective way for utility companies to advance their metering infrastructure, without having to deploy a more expensive and time-intensive network of new AMI meters.

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