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Landlord/Small Rental Property Owner

Ever wonder where all your power utility bill going into or renting out your basement.

Property Managers

Property Managers

Maximize savings with iFormit Property Manager Sub-Metering Solutions - your key to zero or minimal cost for sub-metering integration.

Utility Distribution Companies

Utility Distribution Companies

Transform your meters with iFormit Utility AMR Solutions-real-time utility data access for enhanced billing accuracy and reliability.

Power and Utilities

EV Solutions

Enjoy a hassle-free installation of cutting-edge EV chargers at no cost, plus reap additional income. Electrify your space today!

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#About Us

Company Overview

We are simplifying advanced smart metering technology, with hardware & Software cloud base solutions as a service to promote accountability and transparency in utility distribution and consumption.

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#Why Choose Us

Few Reasons to Choose Us

Our Solution

How we do it differently


Smart and Easy way to deploy advanced metering infrastructure AMI, without having to deploy an expensive and time-intensive network of new AMI meters.

Our Solution

Our solution allows our customers to use one universal protocol for easy communication.

User Centric

iFormit’s revenue will be based on providing excellent customer service and minimizing downtime.

Our Business Model

Our Business Model

Our business model is a full-service partnership, to deploy our solution as Software & Hardware as a Service with 24-7support services.

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iFormit Solutions Inc, is here to help.

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