About Us

Business Overview

iFormit Solutions Inc. is a utility management company specializing in sub-metering. Our aim is to provide solutions that give a return on investment, accountability and useful information to utility distribution companies, property management companies and their customers via a customized user engaging platform. Our metering technology is designed to be smart, energy-efficient and reliable. We believe that our solution can help utility companies save money, increase efficiency and improve customer service. Our goal is to provide a complete metering solution that meets the needs of our customers and helps them achieve their goals.

Description of the Business

iFormit Solutions Inc. As a submetering company, we aim at improving accountability with the electricity companies, property managers and their customers. Electricity consumer wants a stable power supply free of estimated billing and easy to understand energy data analytical graphical interface. Electricity suppliers want 100% ROI by reducing energy equipment vandalization and power theft. iFormit will use a Software as a Service (SaaS) model to enable the electricity companies to use iMID-Connector hardware effectively and will offer a mobile app for consumers to track their electricity usage in real-time so they can make informed energy decisions. As part of our value-added service, we provide Electric Vehicle charging stations in apartment buildings and commercial areas for public and residential use.


Utilities such as electricity, water, gas and heating are highly necessary in every home and offices to function really well and for comfort of life. The need to have accurate measurement and accountability from both ends of the suppliers and consumers is of great economic value in the society. Between 2014 and till date, Nova Scotia real GDP growth averaged 1.2%. The industries that contributed the most to the province's economic growth over the last five years include real estate, health, manufacturing, and information and communication technology. In this report the “real estate” is our major target in any economic around the world not only in Nova Scotia, the more the number of properties and occupancy the more demand for our products and services.

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